Why Green Cleaning is Important to Us

Keeping a clean house is important for many reasons. From personal preference to health benefits, people have obsessed over their house cleaning for ages. It’s because having a home is as old as time, and so cleaning has been as well.


Because of this centuries long need, most cleaning habits have remained, well, dated. Not out of ignorance, simply because there are still a vast majority of people who associate the smell of bleaches to cleanliness. And while the fact that these bleaches do kill germs and bacteria, they also affect us, the people using them. Bleaches and ammonias are harsh, causing damage to our lungs and breathing.


We have decided that for this year, 2018, we will switch over to completely green products. What does that mean for you? Most won’t see a difference, as we have been about 80% green since 2016. For others, it means that as a company we care about what goes into your home. Around your kids, your pets. It means that we value the earth and the footprint that we are leaving. It means that you can rely on the same exceptional service, conscious of the world you live in.