Hero Cleaning for the Ambitious Real Estate Agents

Chicago is an apartment city! From our high rises downtown to our apartment buildings on the north and west sides, we are a city that knows how to use up space. Who shapes our neighborhoods? The Real Estate Agents who show all of these beautiful units day in and day out. You not only help landlords and sellers find trustworthy prospects, but you also find homes for people of all incomes and statuses. 

Where does the magic happen? At showings and open houses of course! Eager tenants and buyers trying to find their dream homes with your help. 

That is where Hero Cleaning steps in to help. Have a house that just needs a little elbow grease? Don't lose a possible tenant over a dirty stove! We are here to make that house shine to its highest potential! Just give our information to that homeowner or building owner and we'll have you renting out those units in no time!